Reporting an Incident

It you need to report an incident at your club, which may give rise to a claim against you, please complete and return the incident notification form below.

Text link: Incident Notification Form >

Using Interactive PDFs

We're starting to replace all our online forms with interactive PDFs. These are easy to use, but if you've never used them before there are a few key points to remember. NB: If you don't want to use the forms interactively, you can still print them out as usual, fill them in manually, and scan them back in to send to us.

The forms should be downloaded: Rather than filling them in using your browser (which is most people's default setting), you should download & save the form first, then open it up in Adobe Reader. This is because many browsers' default security settings prohibit access to your emails (for very good reasons!) and much of the functionality is disabled.

Fill it in and save a copy: Open the form up in Adobe Reader (or other similar app). Don't forget to save the form once you've filled it in, before you hit 'Submit' to send via email. This gives you a local copy of your form, just in case things go wrong with your email and we don't get a copy through.


Any questions? You can still contact us for help and advice.

If you do not have Adobe Reader, please click here to download it.

If you need any assistance, please contact Howden by email, or call 0121 698 8043.

Personal Accident Claims

If you have suffered a serious injury yourself whilst playing and need to make a claim for Personal Accident benefits, please compelte and return the Personal Accident claim form.

Details of the personal accident benefits can be seen on the summary here.  

Personal Accident claim form >

If you need any assistance, please contact Howden by email, or call 0121 698 8043.

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