Legal Expenses Insurance

RFU has arranged legal expenses insurance with ARAG for all RFU clubs for up to £100,000 each and every claim. 

This cover is for the protection of clubs and will respond to a variety of legal matters, including:

  • Employment: Cover for disputes with a past, present ot prospective employee, arising from a contract of service and/or breach of employment laws.
  • Property: Disputes relating to material property which is owned by the club, including nuisance and trespass.
  • Legal defence: Cover in relation to a variety of situations including health and safety breaches and criminal prosecutions.
  • Contract disputes with landlords: where the club has a dispute with its landlord relating to its use of the rugby pitch or additional related facilities.
  • Compliance and regulation: defence of a civil action brought under the Data Protection Act.
  • Tax protection: Defence for an HMRC compliance check, formal aspect of full enquiry into your club's tax or dispute about VAT, including an appeal.

NOTE: If you have a dispute, particularly with regard to an employment issue, we would recommend you seek and follow advice from the free Legal Advice Helpline prior to taking any action. The policy will not provide cover for costs incurred without the express agreement of the insurer and will not pay compensation awards if advice has not been sought and there is no prospect of successfully defending the claim. 

To get advice or report a claim, please call 0117 917 1698

You can download and complete a legal expenses claim form here

You can download and complete a tax investigation claim form here

A copy of the policy wording is available here. For a summary, please click here

Online Legal Documents

RFU clubs are also provided with online support for the creation of legal documents. This service allows clubs to draft your own legal documents instantly, simply by answering a series of easy-to-answer questions. 

Many documents are available free of charge, and include such things as:

  • Employment agreement
  • Consultancy agreement
  • Employee handbook
  • Website privacy policy
  • Health and safety policy creator
  • Agreement for the supply of goods
  • debt collection letters

To access the system click here. You will need to register by entering the RFU clubs' voucher code - ARAG751BIZ