Insurance for Medical Personnel

Health professional support to rugby is essential and skilled individuals , such as doctors, physiotherapists, sports rehabilitators, nurses, paramedics, osteopaths, chiropractors, and sports therapists, play a vital role in ensuring the safety and welfare of players.

As a health care or allied health professional, it is often a requirement of your professional registration body that you maintain indemnity cover for all the work that you undertake, including voluntary work. For certain groups, e.g. therapists this is usually included in your CSP, BaSRAT or Society of Sports Therapists membership or union membership e.g. Unison.

You should check with your indemnity provider that your rugby work is covered and to date we are not aware of any problems or additional charges being made on any groups other than a few Doctors for individuals working in amateur rugby and lower levels of semi-professional and professional rugby. Doctors’ indemnity providers vary significantly in their approach and deal with each case individually, and decisions on any additional charges vary both between and within each provider based on a number of factors. Personal indemnity cover for Health Care Professionals is not covered by the RFU Clubs’ Public Liability Insurance, although it does provide limited clinical negligence liability cover for the club and its members for (up to £1 million). Providing such cover on a national basis is not financially feasible.   

The RFU Club’s Public Liability does provide full cover for lay providers of first aid (e.g. coaches, referees and other volunteers and for anyone (including Health Care and Allied Health Professionals who provide first aid in the event of an emergency e.g. a Good Samaritan act.