Insurance for Players

Liability Insurance

The liability insurance cover arranged by the RFU includes member to member public liability insurance for the protection of players. Cover is provided by RSA and further details can be found here.

Personal Accident Insurance

The RFU has arranged Personal Accident insurance cover for all players participating in rugby union with an RFU affiliated club, including competitive play and training, or whilst taking part in the sport at school, college or university. 

In addition, you are covered whilst commuting to and/or from a match that you are taking part in. 

The policy, arranged with RSA, provides fixed benefit payments for death and permanently disabling or catastrophic injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury or spinal injury, caused as a result of an accident that occurs whilst you are taking part in the sport.  

Cover is not included for sickness or injuries resulting from a medical condition. Cover is also not included for loss of income if you are temporarily injured. If you feel that such cover is required we recommend that you take out an additional policy that is appropriate for your needs. 

More details of the Personal Accident insurance can be found here.